Handling Various Bank Formats

As a retail property valuer for various institution, when we talk about the productivity and profitability, it not only about how many valuations done for the month. It is also about how many reports generated by an employee effectively which affects the operational cost and profitability.

What Affects the Productivity?

Further introspecting on the number of reports generated by an employee it depends on how quick each individual is and how intuitive the interface is to make the report first time error free.

There are many factors that play significant role in affecting the overall productivity of an employee. Here are some of the biggest anti-productivity factors :-

Data-entry on various predefined formats

The flow of fields for data entry on the report varies with every client. This forces the employee every time to alter the order they seek information, which may result in time delay. This would worsen when it leads to data entry error as the flow changes for every other report he/she is working.

Duplication from previous Report

Many a times, he/she starts editing from the previously filled report and it happens that some of the fields are overlooked for updation. He/she also looses track of the fields leading to multiple error and loosing time correcting them.

Aligning Reports

An experienced employee though mayn't find difficulty working with an existing format, it is frustrating when the client requests for modification, addition or deletion of fields. This further becomes difficult when we add property pictures and route map or Google map to the report.

Property Pics and Route

Resizing the property pictures and property route map to fit into the report and aligning them is yet another time consuming task.

Increase Productivity?

Forward looking businesses are always looking for ways to ease their employees productivity. Technology is seen as a means that eases the complexities we face on a day-to-day basi Digital transformation have taken the world by storm by streamlining processes and boosting profitability for businesses.

Our development methodology has focused on standardizing the input fields which are grouped based on their source of information. The intuitive design, enables them quicker error free data entry. Design and alignment of the report has been made easy on this platform helping in increased productivity. It also allows the user flexibility to add, modify or delete the input & output fields basis the need and type.

ValO takes the liberty of working with resizing and aligning property pictures & Google Maps images directly into the reports saving your employee's time for better activity.

ValO offers plethora of other features which helps your organization to deliver better results both in terms of quality and quantity.

However, the success chiefly depends on the performance of the employee to lay hands on the best of the tool with the intent to improve their productivity.


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